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  • Canada AI Day - March 4, 2019

    Agenda and planning document for AI Day hosted by the Government of Canada to support departmental use and implementation of responsible AI.
  • DRAFT AI Playbook

    Support material for departments to navigate the directive, AIA, and related IM/ IT processes.
  • Canada Impact Map

    A mapping of potential projects against the Directive outcomes in an effort to demonstrate net new work associated with the directive, and links to related activities or...
  • Directive on Automated Decision Making

    The Government of Canada is increasingly looking to utilize artificial intelligence to make, or assist in making, administrative decisions to improve service delivery. The...
  • Responsible Artificial Intelligence in the Government of Canada

    Analysis done to understand the impacts of AI on the public sector. Identifying some of the key challenges and opportunities. Automated decision making was identified as one of...
  • Enabling AI in the Government of Canada

    Overview presentation for AI adoption in the Government of Canada
  • Algorithmic Impact Assessment (AIA)

    The AIA is a questionnaire designed to help you assess and mitigate the risks associated with deploying an automated decision system. The AIA also helps identify the impact...
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